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Nitro Praise

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x-posted [14 Sep 2004|02:27pm]

praisehisname@lj.com was orginally created to share praise & worship music with your fellow christians. I am in a praise band at my church & it is always difficult to find good music out there. I knew that I cannot be the only one who feels this way so I created this community. Hopefully this will make things easier on us all.

check it out: praisehisname

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Praise God

Song Track help [10 Sep 2004|01:13pm]

I am looking for True Vibe's You Found Me.... something like this :)

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Praise God

[10 Jun 2004|10:59am]

New choir community@show_your_choir

Post pictures of your current choir, old choir, choir you have seen in concert and other choir related stuff.

Praise God

Welcome! [05 Jan 2004|03:44pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I am J-MAN (kyrie_eleison_7). 17/M/TX and I would like to welcome everyone to nitro_praise. Enjoy yourself here to talk about news, updates, and Nitro Praise.

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